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Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

Welcome to Physician Juncture!

Physician Juncture offers a wide variety of cost-effective marketing solutions for companies looking to market their products and services to over half a million professionals in the healthcare industry. Our subscribers include, but are not limited to physicians by specialty, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, and nurses.

How it works

We target over a half million healthcare professionals

* Primary Care Physicians - 170,000+
* Dentists - 101,368
* OB/GYN - 23,741
* Chiropractors - 37,343
* Veterinarians - 24,654
* Cardiologists - 31,871
* Anesthesiologists - 33,623
* Radiologists - 22,980
* Surgeons - 33,425
* Dermatologists -10,102
* More...

Don't be another magazine ad collecting dust in a physician's waiting room!

Feel confident your ad is going to be seen by your target audience. Our strategic marketing solutions provide the lowest cost-to-open rates in the industry.

Repetition yields results

Our affordable low-cost solutions allow our clients to get in front of their target audience on a consistent basis, which provides them with optimal results.